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 Best Healthcare Packages

MedMonks is a platform that channelizes all its energy to provide its customers with top medical facilities and also ensures the cost-effectiveness in the process of treatment. MedMonks team consists of the healthcare professionals who understand their patient’s requirement, and are experienced to deliver best healthcare services. We put forth the varied choices in terms of quality healthcare packages to provide our customers alternatives to choose from. Health treatment packages include Preventive Health Check-up, Dental packages, Infertility Treatment, Cosmetic Procedure, Orthopedic Procedures, Cardiac Procedures, Bariatric Procedure and Eye Surgeries.

1.    Preventive Health Check-up


Prevention is better that cure, and regular health check-up ensures protection from unforeseen diseases that the human body has tendency to attract. MedMonks has tie-ups with the best hospitals all across India that assures the quality of health benefit that the patient can avail. Preventive Health Check-up constitutes Whole Body Check-up, Premium Whole Body Check-up, Heart Check-up and packages for Obesity/Overweight as well.

2. Dental Packages


MedMonks cares for your smile. MedMonks works with leading dental surgeons all across India and we provide the most cost-effective packages for Teeth Cleaning, Tooth Jewellery, PFM Crown, Zirconia Crown Mental Free, Zirconia Veneers, Zoom Teeth Whitening, and Dental Implants. Keep Smiling with MedMonks.

3. Infertility Treatment

MedMonks holds a sense of belongingness with its patients and understands the value and happiness that individual gets from having their own young ones. We make the procedure simple for our patients by providing them with the best surgeons who hold experience in IVF- In vitro fertilisation that ensures high success rate.

4. Cosmetic Procedure


MedMonks understands the individual's requirements with respect to maintaining a perfect body standard as per individual's demand. The best part about MedMonks is that they offer the most cost-effective yet high quality packages in Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Hair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, Face Lift and Breast Augmentation.

5. Orthopedic Procedure

Total Knee Replacement (Unilateral and Bilateral) and Total Hip Replacement packages are available with MedMonks. The procedures are safe as well as effective and relieve pain, correct leg deformity, and resume normal activities of the patient. MedMonks works with the best Orthopedicians who are known for using the best in class implants and technology.

6. Cardiac Procedure

It feels incredible to feel the beats of music as it makes the surrounding soothing. Similarly, healthy heartbeats equal to the healthy living. MedMonks provides packages for Coronary Angiography (without contrast), Coronary Angioplasty and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). We link our patients to the best surgeons to ensure high success rates and satisfaction with the procedure.

7. Eye Surgery


Senses are essential to feel the essence of the surrounding, and India has developed a wide range of competent human resource in terms of specialist taking care of patients, treating them well and generating results with high success rates.  MedMonks has packages for Cataract (High-quality International Lenses), Squint Surgery, LASIK surgery (blade-less) and Retina Surgery.

8. Bariatric Surgery Packages in India


Excessive food, congenital reasons, lack of physical activity, etc. lead to increased weight in the body resulting in Obesity, which further attracts heart disease , depression, arthritis, high BP, diabetes, depression and many more issues. Medmonks is partners with renowned hospitals and specialists to make it simple for patients to connect to hospitals to get treated well and give patient sense of relief by making the expenditure pocket friendly.

Medmonks has tie-ups with most of the top hospitals in India which are JCI Accredited and have good understanding of the treatment scenarios and procedures ensuring high quality medical care to the patients. Medmonks is the team with the combination of experience in medicine and management, which is the added advantage for the customer, as we study the medical records of the patient and try to make it a cost effective and places the patient in the hand of the trusted and veteran specialists.

We take care of the Pre-surgery tests and examination, and maintain the track of all medical and surgical cost to make it the most cost effective for our patient. Medmonks has a dedicated team working religiously to provide best healthcare packages both in terms of quality of the medical service and cost effectiveness for their prospect customers.

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