Is Gastric bypass surgery worth going for? Risks Vs Benefits

When you are tired of trying all know options for weight loss and none of them works for you, you might be suggested by your doctors to go for a gastric bypass surgery. But is it really for you? and should you go for it even after knowing some of the risks it has? You could be certain about all this only when you know enough about the surgery, this article would help you in knowing how this surgery works and what are some benefits and complications you might consider knowing about.

Are you the one?
As you begin knowing about the surgery, the first question that arises is “Is this surgery the right one for me?”, though your doctor is the most appropriate person to answer this question, still these are some of the patient profiles considered for the surgery:

People who have a body mass index of 40 or more than 40
People who have a BMI of 35 to 40 and have a health condition like blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, which can be improved with weight loss

Along with your BMI, your health condition and fitness to go through anaesthesia and surgery are also considered while evaluation.
Since a weight loss surgery is not recommended for children as well as young people, You should be above the age of 16 years to get this surgery done.

Risks and complications:
Usually, the complications and risks are informed to you by your doctors well before surgery. But there are some characteristics that make patients more prone to risks, the characteristics include:
A BMI of 50 or more
Excessive blood pressure
An age of 45 years or above

Long-term risks of this surgery depend on the type of surgery, the commonly known complications include:

Stomal Stenosis: This refers to a condition after the surgery where a piece of food blocks the Stoma (the hole that connects the pouch placed in the surgery to the intestine). To avoid such encounters patients are recommended to chew their food thoroughly and cut the food into small chunks before eating. Continuous vomiting is one of the symptoms of stomal stenosis. 

Dumping syndrome: The dumping syndrome in gastric patients refers to a condition wherein the food gets dumped into intestine before getting digested completely, this may cause nausea or vomiting, bloating, diarrhoea and pain.

Staple Disruption: Staple disruptions are some of the rare consequences of the surgery, it refers to a condition where the staple of the operation gets pulled out. When this happens the doctors may recommend a second operation to mend it.

Gastric band slippage: Occurrence of gastric band slippage may happen months or years after the surgery when the gastric band slips resulting in enlargement of the upper stomach pouch. The pouch can be put in the place with a surgery.


Weightloss: Weight loss remains the primary benefit of the surgery, You can expect a weight loss of up to 50 to 70 percent over 3 years from the surgery. The amount of weight loss, however, depends on the lifestyle and eating habit choices you make.

Better health: As you decrease weight, your overall health also tends to improve, many patients can witness dramatic improvements in their diabetic conditions after the surgery.

Hospitals for treatment:
Usually, hospitals providing such surgeries are available in every country and you can get it done in your locality with convenience, however, the hospitals with experienced bariatric surgeons and quality treatment tend to cost you more. In such cases the solution would be medical tourism, there are a good number of gastric bypass surgery hospitals in India which may help you in getting the surgery done. The best gastric bypass surgery hospitals in India, are known for qualified doctors and state-of-art treatment technologies.

What are the best prostate cancer treatment hospitals in India?

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that affects the prostate gland, located below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The prostate gland produces some of the fluid in semen and plays a role in urine control in men.


Prostate cancer is the most commonly found type of cancer in men in the US.
Now that you know what is prostate cancer let's have a look at the symptoms of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer generally does not show any signs in early stages of cancer. Typically, the symptoms of prostate cancer treatment include frequent urges to urinate, including at night, difficulty commencing and maintaining urination, blood in the urine, painful urination and, less commonly, ejaculation, difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection may be difficult. Advanced stages of prostate cancer show the following symptoms- bone pain, often in the spine, femur, pelvis, or ribs and bone fractures.

If the prostate cancer spreads to the spine and compresses the spinal cord, the following issues may occur- leg weakness, urinary incontinence and faecal incontinence.

Risk factors for prostate cancer-

The factors that can increase your risk for prostate cancer include-

1. Age- As your age increases, the chances of getting prostate cancer increases.

2. Family history- If men in your family have had prostate cancer, your risk may be increased. Also, if you have a family history of genes that increase the risk of breast cancer (BRCA1 or BRCA2) or a substantial family history of breast cancer, your risk of prostate cancer may be higher.

3. Obesity- Obese men are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Treating prostate cancer in obese men can be very difficult.

How can anybody prevent prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer can be avoided if the following steps are followed.

1. Chose a diet full of veggies and fruits- High-fat foods need to avoided and instead should be on eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Whether you can prevent prostate cancer through diet has yet to be proved. But eating a healthy diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables can improve your overall health.

2. Exercise most days of the week- Exercise improves the overall health, helps to maintain your weight and improve your mood. Try to exercise for most days of the week. If you're new to exercise, start slow and work your way up to more exercise time each day.

3. Stay away from supplements- Supplements may have a side effect on your body and will probably increase the risk of getting prostate cancer. Instead, choose foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals so that you can maintain healthy levels of vitamins in your body.

4. Talk to your doctor about the increased risk of getting prostate cancer- Men with a high risk of prostate cancer may consider medications or other treatments to reduce their risk. Sometimes, doctors prescribe taking 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, including finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) and dutasteride (Avodart), may reduce the overall risk of developing prostate cancer. These medicines are used to control the enlargement of the prostate gland and hair loss in men. However, a stu

dy has revealed that after taking these medicines the risk of getting prostate cancer increases rapidly.

India being the hub for medical treatments offers boasts of various prostate cancer treatment hospitals in India that offer low cost and effective treatment. Patients from various countries come to India for treatment and are completely satisfied with the process.

Great Body doesn’t happen by chance, it happens with an appointment!

Little Olivia Ross from Cleveland is busy playing games on her tab, while her mother is screaming to call her for dinner. She is so engrossed in the game called ‘To Be Frozen Sisters.’ The player plays the role of a plastic surgeon, and the objective of the player is to nip and tuck two ordinary sisters in order to transform them into famous frozen princesses Elsa and Anna.

Even though the game sounds intriguing, and by now many children might have installed the game captivated by the idea. But, the primary point that concerns the parents apart from the excessive inclination of the children towards technological devices is the insecurity that the children develop about their physical appearance after knowing ‘the standard’ description of beauty via such games. A recent petition was filed on one such game called ‘Beauty Clinic Plastic Surgery’ calling for Apple, Google and to remove or make the apps less appealing to children. The major concern behind the petition is the growing insecurity among children for their body shape and size, known by a common term, ‘Body Image’.

Cosmetic surgery as a surgical procedure is an idea to fall for as that has provided the individuals with an ample opportunity to reconstruct or restructure any part of their body for enhancing their physical appearance. But, the basic construct of such games, psychologically affects children. It will not be justified to utterly blame individuals who are in the gaming industry because at the end of the day it is the parents or guardians who have the onus to shape and develop the mind-set of their children. Engaging kids in the outer world, making their perspective broader by reading a good book to them religiously are some of the ways to shape the mind of your kith and kin.

Digital advancements is one of the prime reason of making the world a global village. We owe a great deal of gratitude to this creation of mankind. Every coin has two sides, so is technology. Hence, it is important to not let your creation rule you, rather have a great grip on your mind, and control your fingers as everything is just a touch away. Filling petition is a good option as that might make the game creators more vigilant and aware about how their products psychologically affect or influence children. Further, such petitions will also impart greater awareness amongst parents and children alike. But, a better option here can be the sense of responsibility in parents to guide their children unfailingly about the aspects and objectives of the content creators of the virtual medium. As it is rightly said that, ‘The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.’ For the children who are reading this, always remember that ‘Beauty and Beast are who they are because of their deeds, not appearance.’

Cosmetic surgery as a procedure is highly prevalent in India. Higher success rate and cost-effectiveness in the process of treatment are the factors that arrest and absorb the attention of the international patients to India. Being from a foreign land, it is completely understood on the part of the international patients to feel alienated with respect to healthcare providers and professionals in India. Medmonks, a medical travel platform gets to play a role here by handholding the patients in their treatment journey and bridging all possible information and service gaps. Cosmetic surgery demands higher level of awareness with respect to the candidates about their choice of surgeon, as it is a matter of not only physical but mental satisfaction too. 

Take care of the key player in your body- LIVER

Liver transplantation is the process of replacement of the diseased liver with a healthy liver to retain the healthy functions of the liver. Liver- a vital organ of the human body that holds the capability to regrow and regenerate. Diseases like jaundice make it difficult for people to stabilise the condition of their liver. ‘Healthy liver is the key to healthy living,’ everything you eat, drink including the medicines passes through it. Right care can regulate and stabilise the function of the liver.
 Health should be considered as A SUPREME COMMITMENT
Let us understand a few ways as for how one can keep its liver healthy-
1.    Limit the Consumption of Alcohol
Alcohol is like a poison for the liver. It is understood on the part of the individual to halt the consumption of alcohol altogether. So what one can do is that they can start by limiting consumption to some occasion. Make sure you are not the one organising the occasion. Heavy consumption of alcohol causes not only chronic liver disease but also causes high blood pressure, triglycerides (High blood fats), heart failure, stroke, fetal alcohol syndrome if one is pregnant, certain cancers, injury, violence and finally death is the outcome. Drinking too much of alcohol also piles on the calories which may lead to obesity and higher risk for diabetes. There is a segment of people who should refrain from consumption of alcohol like pregnant and breastfeeding women.
• women who are at risk of breast cancer
• people with family history of alcohol abuse
• People below the age of 23, people suffering from liver problems or ulcers, and anyone requiring skill coordination to perform a task too for that matter.
2.    Eat healthily and Stay Fit
Dietary habits and vigilance concerning herbs and dietary supplements. Some of the supplements that may cause problems are cascara, chaparral, comfrey, kava and ephedra. It is important to eat healthily, Vitamin and Mineral-rich food as they act as required immune for the liver. Some herbs and supplements create classic and promising advertisements to ensure that they are the best cure to make a liver healthy. Some of the examples of such supplements are milk thistle seed, borotutu bark, chanca piedra. One should be a rational consumer and take into consideration all the aspects of these products in the market. Drink a lot of coffee as that lowers the risk of getting a liver disease (the scientific credibility of the statement is low).
3.    Watch out for certain medication
Some of the cholesterol drugs can have a side effect that leads to liver problems. Painkillers like Tylenol (acetaminophen) can lead to severe damage to the liver. Consumption of Over-the-counter medication can also damage the functioning the liver.
4.    Getting tested for viral hepatitis
International patients consider India as one of the best destinations for liver transplantation. Liver transplantation in India is very effective with respect to the outcomes. Hepatitis A is injuries to the liver, and one can catch that via drinking water that has the virus that causes the disease. It is always advisable to the people to get themselves vaccinated if they are travelling to the part of the world with viruses’ outbreak. Through blood and body fluids Hepatitis B and C can spread. Limitation of the number of sex partners is also important, and it is always advisable to use Latex Condoms. Albeit there isn’t any vaccination for Hepatitis C, but hepatitis B has one vaccination in the market. Viral hepatitis doesn’t show any symptoms, so it is important to get tested for viral hepatitis.
Understanding how India is contributing to the treatment of people with diseased liver
India has a major role to play to treat the patient suffering from a severe liver disease. Medanta Medicity, Gurugram, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, Fortis, Noida, Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute (PSRI), Jaypee Hospital, Noida, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Jaslok Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, and Vile Parle are among the top healthcare providers in India.
Best surgeons for Liver Transplant in Delhi
•    Dr Arvinder Singh Soin (Institute of Liver Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine Medanta, Gurugram)
•    Dr Subash Gupta (Max Healthcare, Saket)
•    Dr. (Prof.) Sanjay Singh Negi, GI Surgery and Liver Transplant (BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi)
•    Dr K R Vasudevan (Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute)
•    Dr Abhideep Chaudhary (Jaypee Hospital)
•    Dr Ramdip Ray (Artemis Hospital, Gurugram)
•    Dr Vivek Vij (Fortis, Noida)

Open Heart Surgery Vs Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Open Heart Surgery

Sometimes when the patient is suffering from severe aortic stenosis and is evaluated as “intermediate/serious risk” for surgery, he becomes eligible for a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) or conventional surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR). To choose a procedure is the first step. As the techniques are presented as equally acceptable options, it is important to understand the aspects of both the techniques to opt for one technique. 
 It is important to understand the procedures with their corresponding factors involved in Open Heart Surgery and Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement to develop the perspective.
Pain - Openheart surgery is more painful than TAVR. TAVR doesn't require stitches, and most of the patients have reviewed it by disclosing their experience: 'I had no pain’ is what most patients have said. As the older and weaker people don't have ability to bear pain, so TAVR is a miracle for them to get aortic stenosis treated.  
Hospital Stay - The duration of hospital stay in open heart surgery is dependent on what kind of surgery patient has. The length of stay after surgery vary from 3 days to 5 days. If the scale of complications is high then stay may extend to several weeks or longer. Whereas in TAVR the stay is for 3 to 5 days. Elderly and weaker patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) are at risk of hospital readmission postprocedure. 
Risks - Patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) are at risk of increased mortality due to Aortic regurgitation, potential damage from cerebral microemboli, increased need for pacemakers, and unknown durability of the valve. Risks of open heart surgery include having a heart attack, heart failure, or another cardiac issue depending on the number of arteries blocked. Blockage in more arteries also means that the surgery may take longer or become more complex. 
Hospitals and Surgeons for Open Heart Surgery in India and TAVR – Open heart Cardiac surgery (remaining procedures) - Dr Ajay Kaul BLK, Dr Meharwal Fortis Escorts, Dr Naresh Trehan Medanta, Dr Ganesh Mani Max smart hospital. Hospitals like MAX, Gleneagles Global, Fortis, Rockland, Columbia Asia, and PSRI in India are delivering high success rate with respect to SAVR and TAVR. 
A Few Facts about TAVR
1.    The first successful TAVR procedure was performed in France on April 16, 2002, by Alain Cribier, M.D., University Hospital Charles Nicolle in Rouen, France.
2.    Until now more than 45,000 patients have been implanted with Edwards’ transcatheter valves by multi-disciplinary heart teams worldwide.
3.    TAVR is an evolving procedure so risks and uncertainty follows.
4.    For inoperable patients TAVR is beacon of hope.
5.    The entire procedure of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) takes 1 to 2 hours.
It is very important to understand both TAVR and SAVR with respect to all the factors associated with them before undergoing any of the mentioned procedure. Patient has no way of knowing whether their surgeon has a percentage or 50 percentage mortality rate.

MedMonks Healthcare Packages

 Best Healthcare Packages

MedMonks is a platform that channelizes all its energy to provide its customers with top medical facilities and also ensures the cost-effectiveness in the process of treatment. MedMonks team consists of the healthcare professionals who understand their patient’s requirement, and are experienced to deliver best healthcare services. We put forth the varied choices in terms of quality healthcare packages to provide our customers alternatives to choose from. Health treatment packages include Preventive Health Check-up, Dental packages, Infertility Treatment, Cosmetic Procedure, Orthopedic Procedures, Cardiac Procedures, Bariatric Procedure and Eye Surgeries.

1.    Preventive Health Check-up


Prevention is better that cure, and regular health check-up ensures protection from unforeseen diseases that the human body has tendency to attract. MedMonks has tie-ups with the best hospitals all across India that assures the quality of health benefit that the patient can avail. Preventive Health Check-up constitutes Whole Body Check-up, Premium Whole Body Check-up, Heart Check-up and packages for Obesity/Overweight as well.

2. Dental Packages


MedMonks cares for your smile. MedMonks works with leading dental surgeons all across India and we provide the most cost-effective packages for Teeth Cleaning, Tooth Jewellery, PFM Crown, Zirconia Crown Mental Free, Zirconia Veneers, Zoom Teeth Whitening, and Dental Implants. Keep Smiling with MedMonks.

3. Infertility Treatment

MedMonks holds a sense of belongingness with its patients and understands the value and happiness that individual gets from having their own young ones. We make the procedure simple for our patients by providing them with the best surgeons who hold experience in IVF- In vitro fertilisation that ensures high success rate.

4. Cosmetic Procedure


MedMonks understands the individual's requirements with respect to maintaining a perfect body standard as per individual's demand. The best part about MedMonks is that they offer the most cost-effective yet high quality packages in Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Hair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, Face Lift and Breast Augmentation.

5. Orthopedic Procedure

Total Knee Replacement (Unilateral and Bilateral) and Total Hip Replacement packages are available with MedMonks. The procedures are safe as well as effective and relieve pain, correct leg deformity, and resume normal activities of the patient. MedMonks works with the best Orthopedicians who are known for using the best in class implants and technology.

6. Cardiac Procedure

It feels incredible to feel the beats of music as it makes the surrounding soothing. Similarly, healthy heartbeats equal to the healthy living. MedMonks provides packages for Coronary Angiography (without contrast), Coronary Angioplasty and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). We link our patients to the best surgeons to ensure high success rates and satisfaction with the procedure.

7. Eye Surgery


Senses are essential to feel the essence of the surrounding, and India has developed a wide range of competent human resource in terms of specialist taking care of patients, treating them well and generating results with high success rates.  MedMonks has packages for Cataract (High-quality International Lenses), Squint Surgery, LASIK surgery (blade-less) and Retina Surgery.

8. Bariatric Surgery Packages in India


Excessive food, congenital reasons, lack of physical activity, etc. lead to increased weight in the body resulting in Obesity, which further attracts heart disease , depression, arthritis, high BP, diabetes, depression and many more issues. Medmonks is partners with renowned hospitals and specialists to make it simple for patients to connect to hospitals to get treated well and give patient sense of relief by making the expenditure pocket friendly.

Medmonks has tie-ups with most of the top hospitals in India which are JCI Accredited and have good understanding of the treatment scenarios and procedures ensuring high quality medical care to the patients. Medmonks is the team with the combination of experience in medicine and management, which is the added advantage for the customer, as we study the medical records of the patient and try to make it a cost effective and places the patient in the hand of the trusted and veteran specialists.

We take care of the Pre-surgery tests and examination, and maintain the track of all medical and surgical cost to make it the most cost effective for our patient. Medmonks has a dedicated team working religiously to provide best healthcare packages both in terms of quality of the medical service and cost effectiveness for their prospect customers.

How has the low Heart Surgery cost in India attracted the foreign heart patients!

Instead of going “fishing” for patients, natives of foreign countries could go for a “donor tour”. Yes, we would proudly say that India is filled with lots and lots of “Big hearted donors”. One will get a whole - hearted friend to take care of you even after surgery over here in India. This is the sole reason for people flying from majority of Asia and Africa. Heart surgery in India cost is lower, compared to other nations, with competent professionals in a properly trained and well - equipped facility. While India is considered a developing nation on one hand, it offers world class medical facilities at an affordable price, such that it even attracts medical tourism to the nation.

A Common Cardiac procedure in India is angioplasty, where “stents” are handled in an expert way and they are successfully implanted into the coronary artery. The price of stents falls below INR 30,000 a piece followed by government order. It has become extremely affordable for stent users from February, 2017. 

This will be a best analogy for this moment, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras stood first among 20 other branches with its world class instruments and extraordinary professionals. Yes, all the high quality latest treatments with expertise advice have been able to build trust among Indian doctors and this made heart surgery in India cost to go down and successful cases of heart surgery see a boom. Also, this can be stated as a possible reason for the foreign patients to begin trusting Indian medical facilities and professionals more, while also reap benefits of the lower costs.

Other boons for foreign patients, arriving for heart surgeries in India:
  • Accessible working staff and fluent English - speaking people
  • No waiting lists
  • Private and peaceful stay
  • Dedicated staffs during your week stay
  • Guided free tour and complement free translator

Comparisons reveal that heart surgery in India cost lower compared to Southeast Asia. The costs are 30% higher in any western country. The  English medium of communication also holds foreigners tight. This ensures that they are not misled and hence, they are able to vest greater trust in the system. 

Patients have an excellent facility of staying together with old medicine systems like yoga, ayurvedic and naturopathy systems to get better in a natural way. Chennai, “India’s health capital” offers super - speciality services with booming hospitals like Apollo, Billroth, Fortis etc. These private medical facilities and definitely, the entire private sector make sure that the customers are well accommodated. International customers have special options of “Zero - waiting time” for “no - time people”. This is a good option for those short on time, as they do not have to waste a lot of time either.

Many patients have quoted that, “Compared to global standards, our country’s medicine and surgeries cost are minuscule”. Basic coronary angiography, simple tests which use dyes and x-rays to get clear outline of inner coronary arteries costs 10,000 to 15,000/- when compared to 32,000/- in US. This makes a huge difference for plain folks and this lures foreigners to India.

Though Malaysia is known for its excellent medical tourism, they have a problem of “long waiting lists” and also “paucity of centres equipped for paediatricians”.

Yes, older and golden techniques have become rage worldwide to maintain longevity, natural beauty and positive vibe. The treasure from our ancestors has cure for common injuries to critical ailments.  Foreigners believe in gaining fresh and healthy breath from Kerala’s hot oil massage treatment and they call it as an “awesome spa experience”.

Apex heart Institute located at Ahmedabad has been a place of “Hope for Heart” with success ratio of 95%.  Heart surgeries are done at throwaway prices compared to US, Singapore and Thailand. 

Special counters, care and comfy accommodation uplift Indian medical service among internationals.

“Online job done” is a facility that enables one to search for his sole professional online and consult him for his surgery pre - hand to make the job easier.

All these things combined, have made heart surgery in India cost go down and India has eventually become a land for medical council. 

Is Gastric bypass surgery worth going for? Risks Vs Benefits

When you are tired of trying all know options for weight loss and none of them works for you, you might be suggested by your doctors to ...